Depilex Smileagain Foundation Team attended an event on 10th December, 2012 at the Holiday Inn, Lahore organized by South Asia Partner Pakistan Event.

Agenda: Violence Against Women. Sexual Harassment at Work Place – Acid Burn Victims (A heinous Crime ) Women Rights in Pakistan, Property Issues etc.

Violence against women week was recently observed in Depilex Smileagain to mark the elimination of violence against women. Violence against women is not just a problem in Pakistan but other developing country, various developed countries have a pretty high ratio of crimes against women. The violence against women is a broad term that is used to define multiple crimes that include domestic violence, acid attacks, sexual harassment, rape, discrimination, honor killings and the list goes on. Organizations worldwide have been trying to raise their voices against these issues and have played a very important in the regulations and laws enacted just for the prevention of these crimes. Despite these efforts these crimes are still on the rise all over the world.
Pakistan being a developing country has been facing a multitude of these issues. The root cause of these crimes being on the rise is mainly illiteracy, extremism and a male dominant society. As a country we are facing almost all kinds of these issues including acid attacks, honor killings, sexual harassment, rape and sexual discrimination. Most of the times these issues are linked to religious extremism which is not true, the reason is that most of the people, a majority of whom are religious clerics use religion as an excuse to either abuse women or enslave them behind the walls of their homes. These people also oppose any legislations which are either presented or being voted upon in National Assembly
Depilex Smileagain since the past decade has been raising its voice against the acid attack and kerosene burn issues and has helped countless acid attack victims come back to life by providing them with surgical treatments, psychological treatments and employment opportunities.
South Asia Partner Pakistan Event is a volunteer network of participatory development-support organizations operating under the same name and for the same purposes in Canada and four South Asian countries, i.e., Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It has some presence in India as well, through a collective form of three different organizations. All these organizations and Sri Lanka Center for Development Facilitation collectively form SAP-International. One of its main goals is to increase sensitivity and harmony among people; actions against structural violence in our society through peaceful means and movements. To address these issues like sexual harassment and violence against women, South Asia Partner Pakistan Event organized an event on 10 Dec, 2012 in the Holiday Inn. The agenda of the meeting was Violence Against Women, Sexual Harassment at Work Place, Acid Burn Victims (A heinous Crime ) Women Rights in Pakistan, Property Issues etc.
The Depilex Smileagain team of Madam Aliya Khan and an acid victim participated in the event.
Other guests from multiple aspects of life were also present at the event. Depilex Smileagain representatives threw special light on acid violence issues and demanded strict laws to be enacted against this heinous crime.

Depilex Smileagain team also demanded to put a ban on the sale and purchase of all forms of acid unless a special permit is issued. Depilex Smileagain was lauded for its efforts for helping acid attack victims.