The Depilex Smileagain Foundation is committed to providing acid and burns victims not only with medical care and assistance but also an adequate chance to become productive, self reliant members of the society that has ostracized them.
Dr Gabriela S. Vasilescu, MD, MSc in dermatology (Italy), MSc in Emergency and Disaster Medicine (Romania) is in Pakistan along with Ms. Veronica Gobin (France), skin specialist, to assist the Depilex Smileagain Foundation in the treatment of burn and acid attacks victims.
Dr Gabriela Vasilescu along with Ms. Veronica Gobin has been treating victims enrolled with Depilex Smileagain Foundation since the start of July. Dr Vasilescu has treated almost 36 patients in Lahore and is currently giving her services in Karachi where 17 victims have gathered from various parts of Pakistan for checkups and treatments.
When Dr Vasilescu  leaves Pakistan, local doctors , with competency in practical/clinical dermatology and cosmetic medicine will follow her work with the support of equipment Dr. Gabriela Vasilescu provided for unlimited period of time.
Dr. Uzma Ayub Khan and Dr. Bahram in Karachi and Dr (you provide the name of local doctor, eventually lovely Nairobi doctor)…. in  Lahore will continue the work on victims and will update the program step by step. With her colleagues Dr Vasilescu created protocols and guide lines which will be applied and supported throughout Pakistan in order to prepare the patients for surgery and to improving their life quality.
It is great to know that personalities with such noble ambitions have come to Pakistan to help people in need and are working selflessly for the cause of humanity.
Despite of her hectic schedule she was kind enough to take out time for our little interview:

  • When did you arrive in pakistan?

This is my third time in Pakistan.  My first visits were in 2011. I arrived on July 9 in in Karachi and travelled to
Lahore on July 15. Now I am back in Karachi where I will remain until end of this month.

  • Have you visited Pakistan before, if yes then was it for Depilex Smileagain ?

My first visit was in November 2011 at the National Congress of Dermatologists, then I returned in February
to conduct some workshops I did for local doctors, in that occasion I  also visited Depilex Smileagain Foundation.

  • How long will you stay?

Unfortunately till 27th, I wish I could stay more, we have so many things to do here.

  • What purpose are you here for?

My aim in Pakistan is to assist when and where I can in the development of humanitarian assistance.
For the DSF mainly but also trying to project and implement a system of permanent assistance in very
remote areas of Pakistan. We will start with the islands Baba and Bhit Islands. My overall strategy is to
assist with the provision of general medicine with application also on gyne and paediatrics, specialist dermatology
and management of disasters.

  • What services are you providing to DSF?

For now I am just assisting with medical support for burns victims and at the same time trying to raise funds
selling my CD.  I have recorded an album of 12 songs which I sell to raise money for medical assistance in Pakistan.
My aim and the aim of my international colleagues is provide permanent assistance through training and complete
coordination in Pakistan. You have fine dedicated doctors in your country with great skills and compassion.
If I can bring some experience and knowledge to my professional colleagues I will be very happy.
There is much to exchange between us and in medicine the first principle is the free exchange of knowledge and
practical experience.

  • How many patients have you treated so far?

I am not sure I think we have done about 50 check-up sessions and still are in plan over 200
conservative/minimal invasive treatments, using the latest techniques for improving the skin quality and also
treatment with the equipmentsI brought here.

  • What is your opinion of DSF and the DSF TEAM?

They are doing a great job for the people living a life in poverty and extreme suffering.

  • What are your comments about Massarrat Misbah?

She is a Lady in every sense. A wonderful and wise person. She is inspiring and supportive and a great example
to us all.

  • What message would you like to give to people and potential donors?

Pakistan has a deep culture based on the finest principles of Islamic compassion. Is a complex and fascinating country
with much to teach the rest of the world, just as the rest of the world has much to teach here.
I would I I am very lucky indeed being able to build and increase the exchange of knowledge between Pakistan
and Europe, meet people who trust and believe in a better world.
Dr Gabrielle and Dr Veronica with patients in Depilex Smileagain