tusdec_logo_1Depilex smileagain is has been working for a decade for the treatments and rehabilitation of burnt victims, during these years countless acid and burn victims have been trained as beauticians and are earning a living of their own. In past many organizations e.g. hotels, institutes have collaborated with Depilex smileagain to provide the burnt victims professional trainings or job opportunities. Tusdec is also an organization that is focused on providing vocational training for the socioeconomic empowerment of vulnerable women. Tusdec and Depilex Smileagain recently collaborated and signed an agreement to help restore the socioeconomic status of acid victims.
A memorandum of understanding was signed between both parties to collaborate in capacity building of acid burn survivors. Tusdec would provide free of cost vocational training to women passing through treatment and recovery with the help of Depilex Smileagain Foundation. The training would be delivered in various conventional and modern trades.
Women would be facilitated with free of charge transportation and a monthly stipend aiding them to manage their medications. Tusdec also plans to launch various vocational training programs to stabilize such survivors as the socioeconomic strength of women would contribute towards economic progress of Pakistan. “Depilex Smileagain Foundation would mark the candidates who are going to receive technical and vocational training from Tusdec considering their aptitude, ability and stage of treatment.”