It is said that grief is a part of life and only the one who goes through the pain and suffering can tell you how it feels in all the emotional distress that is caused by the greif, whatever the reason may be. Depilex Smileagain has in its a decade long hisotry d rehabilitating the women who were either disfigured by the domestic violence or an accident, has put special emphasis on the psychological treatment of the victims. Most of the times these sessions were organized by Depilex Smileagain or through some collabarations with psychologists. Recently there was a similar collabaration between depilex smile again and Dr Nishat Shams.

Dr.Nishat Shams is a USA citizen currently residing in Muscat has joined hands with Depilex Smile again Foundation as Volunteer psychologist. She is a Licensed American Board Certified Professional psychologist. An MBBS doctor from Fatima Jinnah Medical College, Lahore, and a PhD doctor in Health Psychology from USA, she is currently working in Muscat, as consulting psychologist.
She visited Depilex Smile again Foundation for two days to counsel the DSF patients. Psychotherapy group support program was held with Urooj Akbar, Anum Shahzadi,  Rabia Batool, Saira Siddique, Bushra Shafi, Fatema Jabeen Shahnaz Kausar and Sarwari Bibi. Five girls were short listed and individual therapy sessions were held with Saira Siddique, Anum shahzadi, Bushra Shafi, Urooj Akbar and Rabia Batool.