Launching ceremony of two national research studies ‘Situation Analysis of Domestic Workers in Pakistan’ and ‘Female Labor Force Survey’ was held in Lahore. DSF team comprising Masarrat Misbah, Ayesha Taslim and Yasmeen Zahoor participated.
The research studies were commissioned under the national project of International Labor Organization (ILO) ‘Promoting Gender Equality for Decent Employment’. The domestic workers constitute a large part of the labor force in Pakistan, however non availability of comprehensive data and in depth understanding of their working conditions limit the ability to identify key needs and ensure appropriate legislative and social security entitlements for them.
A select group of high profile officials representing UN agencies, government, civil society, academia and media participated. After the introduction to the research studies and panel discussion Question and Answer session followed. Ayesha Taslim commenting on the issues raised the following points.
• Sustainable development is a process involving holistic approach to problems.
• If child labor in domestic field is to be eradicated, schooling of children has to be ensured.
• The training projects should ensure job placement of trainees
• After legislation, implementation of laws should be strictly followed