Confidence is an attitude which allows us to have a positive and realistic perception of ourselves and our abilities. It is characterized by personal attributes such as assertiveness, optimism, enthusiasm, affection, pride, independence, trust, the ability to handle criticism and emotional maturity.
Many people believe that better appearance and other external factors make us feel more confident and certain, but the reality is a little different from that. Feeling confident has little to do with one’s appearance, race or social status. Self-confidence may be gained by anyone who takes life as a gift and is determined to make the best out of it.
As confidence is not a hereditary trait so people who may feel timid and shy can lead a more confident life by making a little conscious effort. Psychologists suggest that our thoughts have a great impact on our confidence level. People will feel worse about themselves when they indulge in pessimistic self-talk. The negative interpretation of events, incorrect thinking patterns and limiting one’s beliefs about one’s self are the root causes of feeling unconfident.
Our thoughts affect our behaviour. Negative thinking and behaviour lower our self-esteem and ultimately make us less confident.
If we imagine that we are what we do or what we have, then our confidence level will keep fluctuating. Every success will make us feel confident, and every defeat feel like a failure.
Confidence comes from within. A slight change in thoughts can alter one’s life. Thinking positive is the first step towards acquiring a positive personality. We should always make efforts to think about the positive traits which can be acquired. Accompanying explicit and positive people also affect our thoughts and approach towards life. We are more likely to acquire self-confidence in the company of explicit people than in the company of people who think negative and critical. If we do not find confident people around us, then we should read about those books that facilitate confidence building. Reading motivational books and stories may also help us rejuvenate a positive approach
Always focus on your positive traits, accomplishments and try to enhance them and at the same time keep working on your flaws. Focus on your goals  and not what other people expect from you.
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