A team of four students from Institute of Applied Psychology, University of Punjab, Quaid- E- Azam Campus, Lahore approached DSF to conduct interviews of acid burn survivors for Psychological Assessment of after effects of the tragedy. DSF lined up four acid burn victims; Josephin, Asya, Bushra and Saira. A series of one-to-one session was held. The interview methodology adopted was based on “The Self Image Profile for Adults (SIP-AD)” designed by Richard J Butler & Sarah L Gasson.
The long and comprehensive questionnaires aimed to assess the family placement, attitude of family and community, and self image of the respondent as a consequence. The scores were calculated on the famous Rosenberg self esteem scale. The “Back Depression Inventory” method was used to measure the level of depression immediately after the incident and gradual improvement as a result of medical treatment, psychosocial support, vocational training and job placement.
It was generally assessed that training and job placement facilitates the victims to regain self esteem.