Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) and Taba Foundation jointly organized a seminar on ‘Burns Emergency’. The objective was to highlight the importance of emergency measures in burn cases.
A large number of civil society representatives were invited to participate. Masarrat Misbah accompanied by Aliya Khan and Yasmeen Manzoor represented DSF.
Dr Afzal Bajwa, Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon, Mayo Hospital Lahore gave a comprehensive presentation on the subject. The presentation covered; types of common domestic burns, areas damaged, common causes, burn thickness, what to do, preventive measures, cooling the burn surface, medicine application, surgeons role and finally the damage caused if immediate timely action is not taken.
Masarrat Misbah appreciated the presentation and highlighted the role of DSF in taking care of patients after the emergency measures. The medical treatment is long and episodic. Sometimes a victim has to undergo numerous surgeries over a span of years to get back to near normal. She also emphasized the holistic approach adopted by DSF leading to sustainable rehabilitation through vocational training.
Dr Bajwa commended the efforts of DSF as a leading organization giving full support to acid burn victims in Pakistan.