Having a child is life changing and although one should pray for nothing but the health of the baby and oneself but often people have preferences of what gender they would like to have. I was blessed with a daughter and can say with surety; daughters are yours forever.
A child’s personality starts to develop at a very early age. He/she would copy their mothers but as they grow, their own personality gradually emerges.  A good and understanding relationship develops through loving and sharing communication and in my opinion is vital for a child’s development.
While appreciating and encouraging your child’s acts, checking on what not to do and why not to do requires tactful patience. There should always be a balance inparents’ way of disciplining their offspring; for instance if a parent only disciplines a child physically it might discourage the child to share his feelings and eventually gap will be created.
We often fail to understand why Mother-Daughter relationship conflicts are far too common. There are just too many daughters admitting to have had a difficult relationship with their mother. Too many mothers and daughters appear to be feeling misunderstood and hurt by the emotional distance between them. When in real the truth is that a Mother-Daughter relationship is the most powerful relationship provided that it is nourished with care and love.  A daughter’s relationship with her mother lays the foundation for her relationship with herself and subsequently with her children
Every woman should understand that the times are changing. The third generation is way ahead as the children are exposed to the new technologies. It’s a fact that every mother wants the best for her daughter. By the grace of God, recently my daughter Redah was also blessed with a daughter. When I give Redah a suggestion regarding Zoays upbringing she always listens to me intently but then also Googles to cross check and then makes a decision. Taking advantage of technological advancement is progressive attitude and this generation gap to me is healthy. Our daughters need logical answers to their questions; they want to follow scientific facts and not superstitions. That’s when I came to realize that my grandchild Zoay is in good hands.
As one generation moves to another, Mothers and Daughters have never been the same. I remember my time, I was shy and conservative. I could not discuss the topic of breast feeding with my mother.  But Redah has an open mind in such matters, so the level of shyness is less than mine. Still there are values mothers have that daughters must not neglect.  The experience that mothers have is important to listen to, especially about the universal moral values, modest advices, the difference between right and wrong. Part of building a strong mother-daughter bond is offering regular displays of affection. It helps to promote love, loyalty, and a sense of safety and appreciation.