Beacon House organized an event for DSF team in the Rawalpindi campus. Students of A and O level participated to understand how they can help the underserved. Masarrat Misbah, Aliya Khan, Sabra Sultana Aiman Shahzadi and Rabia partipated. The team was well received by the school management headed by the Principal Mrs Agha. 100 students alongwith their teachers gathered to greet the DSF team. Mrs Agha elaborated that the students are made aware of the plight of the under served segment of society. This inculcates a sense of sympathy and enables them to understand the value for helping the needy.
Masarrat Misbah appraised the audience highlighting the mission of DSF. Sabra Sultana happily shared her survival from misery due to DSF support and help. She elaborated that as patient coordinator she is now helping the survivors through arranging medical treatment and follow up procedures.
In the Q& A session it was noted that the students were well aware of their environment. All of them condemned the heinous crime and easy availability of acid in Pakistan. The students pleged to:

  • promote the DSF message through face book
  • help advocate the concept to adopt a victim
  • visit victims in hospitals during medical treatment for psycho-social support