A team from Al Jazeera TV Channel headed by  Tariq Qayum (News Producer) visited DSF Head Office, Lahore and made a documentary about the burn victims focusing on their life, before and after the incident.
Masarat Misbah highlighted DSF mission and its role in medical treatment, psycho-social support and vocational training for rehabilitation of burn victims. The stories of Nasreen, Sarwari Bibi, Saira Siddique, Bushra Shafi, Fatima Jabin, Fatima Siddiqa, Josephine and Asiya Bibi were covered.
Al Jazeera team visited the residences of Nasreen Bibi and Sarwari Bibi to portray the role of DSF in empowering these victims by providing training and resources to earn livelihood for themselves and their families.
Nasreen Bibi a victim of violence earns her livelihood by selling milk of the buffalo donated by DSF. Her brother helps her in delivery of milk and collection of the revenue. Sarwari Bibi another victim earns her livelihood through the mechanical setup arranged by DSF for production of plastic bottle caps.
To highlight the psycho-social support for burn victims a one-to-one workshop was set up with Dr Zahra Haider and her team of students from CMH. Fatima Jabin, Bushra Shafi, Ume Sulain, Fatima Siddiqa, Josephine and Asiya Bibi were the beneficiaries of the session.
To document the efforts of DSF related to medical treatment the team visited Karachi where a medical camp was in progress at Holy Family Hospital.  The team interviewed Dr Mohammad Jawad reconstructive surgeon from UK who was performing surgeries as a volunteer and supporter of DSF. The views, comments and reactions of victims were also recorded.
Once complete the documentary will be released from Al Jazeera network.
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