Shameem Akhtar (Jhang)
How do you tell a bare seventeen years old young girl that you have lost half of your body organs, including one eye, for life? Life was a happy cheerful affair for Shamim, like it is, and should be to any seventeen years old, full of promises and hopes and dreams for the days to come. Yes, for some days she had been harassed by a group of young boys hovering around her house; she had told them off a number of times and thought they would leave her alone eventually; but she could neither know that they had taken her rebuff as an insult nor could she imagine what was to follow.
On that fateful day as she was walking back to her house, she was kidnapped by this unruly gang who not only brutally raped her, but when they threw her outside her home, their leader stepped forward and elaborately threw acid all over the almost unconscious Shamim who did not have the strength left in her to fight back or even run away…”I know I have survived the worst of it all,but I think for as long as I live, I will not be able to forget the look that boy had as he threw acid on me; it was a strange barbaric look, a self satisfactory, taunting look; as if telling me,see, I have got what I wanted!” Shamim still shivers and sobs when she recounts the moment that so fatefully changed her life forever.
Today after eight years, a series of reconstructive surgery and psychiatric therapy, Shamim has been pulled back to life eventually by Depilex Smileagain and works as a proficient and dedicated worker in Depilex . Happily married off and recently becoming a mother of a lovely daughter, Shamim feels she has been re born. The trauma really devastated my body and soul, but I thank my Allah for giving me a totally new life once again; and after the addition of a loving husband and wonderful baby of my very own, I have nothing much to ask really.