Anum Shahzadi has just turned 17 – an age of sweet dreams and hopes. Belonging to an average family she was happily living in Gujranwala with two sisters and one brother. She regularly attended Jamia Institute to become hafiza quran. A boy from the neighborhood used to follow and tease her. One day she snubbed and told him to stay away from her. On the morning of 17 March 2011, when she was coming back from her school with her father, a boy was standing in front of her house with a bottle of acid and a pistol. He suddenly attacked with acid on her damaging left side of her face, arms and legs. Then he fired a number of gun shots and ran away. All this happened so suddenly that nobody could do anything. She was rushed to the hospital to receive initial treatment. The hospital nurse referred her to Depilex Smileagain.
Masarrat Misbah welcomed her in her usual smiling way and assured all support. “I felt so good and reassured after meeting madam Masarrat. Depilex Smileagain Foundation arranged a series of surgeries for me and gradually I am coming back in shape. For my rehabilitation I was provided shelter and offered a training course to become a beautician. I am presently working with Depilex beauty parlor. Someday I hope to return back to my home town Gujranwala and open my own beauty parlor”.
Anam is now full of hope and determined to build a promising future for her. Along with her plans to open her own beauty parlor, she intends to pursue her studies as well, climbing the ladder to a master’s degree.DSF is supporting her to pursue her studies.